Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  March 20, 2006, 10:30


Present: David Gewirtz, Bobbie Pilette, Gretchen Gano, Kevin Glick, Audrey Novak, Rebekah Irwin, E.C. Schroeder


Audrey presented her ideas for moving the joint meeting forward.  The meeting will be held March 22nd and includes DPIP, DPC & Metadata committees.  The group agreed with Audrey’s introduction and there was discussion of how to direct and move the conversation in a productive manner.  The group agreed that asking DPIP to provide a sample project to work through would be a good approach.  Audrey will talk to Fred about this. 


A brief discussion regarding the Digital Preservation Coordinator position and how to explain how this position functions followed.  Bobbie had made some changes from last week and additional suggestions for language were made. 


The tech team agreed to get out documents they have on fixity checks & RDF for discussion at next weeks meeting.


Suggestions on what to consider for costs resulted in Audrey agreeing to send to E.C. the information she had put together on the Rescue Repository.  E.C. will try and get something for next week’s meeting.


Next Meeting (March 27, 2006 Law School):

·        Review of information from task forces