Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  March 21, 2005, 10:30


Present: Ann Green, Bobbie Pilette, Kevin Glick

Absent: E.C. Schroeder, David Gewirtz, Audrey Novak


Regarding surrogates, it was decided to wait until the preservation policy was written on surrogates—sometime over the next 4-6 weeks—and then use that to inform the digital surrogating policy. 


Discussion on the Lifecycle section of policy with regards to what is there now and what Kevin had proposed in March 11 email.  Conclusion was that both are saying similar things in slightly different ways.  Kevin is taking the ideas in these paragraphs and making sure they are covered in the policy:

Ensuring the preservation of Yale University Library's digital resources is a complex task, one in which every Library employee plays an important role. Throughout the life cycle of digital resources a series of inter-related strategic and procedural decisions and the work of a number of different stakeholders contribute to help ensure that digital resources survive through time and changing technologies. The information life cycle is a framework for understanding the cyclical sequence of activities that all digital resources undergo during their existence. The life cycle framework describes digital resources as having life cycles, like living organisms. Digital resources may be conceived; born or adopted; utilized, shaped, and molded; protected from harm. They can be understood to age and take on new priorities as time goes by. Eventually digital resources may reach the end of their active lives and be disposed of in some manner, or be re-born as reformatted, transformed resources.

Using the [cite whether this is an external document or additional section of preservation policy], you can learn more about each of the 7 steps in the Digital Resources Life Cycle. Each step will provide a description of key inputs, outputs, benefits and resources to help you understand, plan, implement and improve your activities.

Additionally, it was decided that there would be an “appendix” where lifecycle stages will be outlined along with roles & responsibilities and links to external & internal policies that will round out the information on lifecycle. 


The question arose on whether there should/needs to be a section on Intellectual Property (IP) needs to be a part of the policy.  The feeling at the moment is that we are covering concerns of whether to preserve something we own or not in other areas of the policy.  However, this will be discussed more fully next week with the full committee.



·        Kevin work on life cycle

·        Bobbie review other digital pres policies with regards to IP


Next Meeting:

·        We will finalize the life cycle statement.

·        Look at IP section and discuss keeping in policy or not

·        Discuss next steps, set timeframe for finished draft


Future Meetings:

How to do Rollout?

·        Who to include?

·        How to process feedback?