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Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:March 28, 2005, 10:30


Present: Ann Green, Bobbie Pilette, Kevin Glick E.C. Schroeder, David Gewirtz, Audrey Novak


Lifecycle: Kevinís reworking of the lifecycle section and Annís edits were accepted.

In addition, it was decided that a fuller description of the stages of the lifecycle would be more appropriate to the Best Practices document that is to be developed following the policy.Ann & Kevin will work on this but it will be held for discussion until the policy is completed, or nearly so.


Intellectual Property:The discussion centered on whether to make IP a part of the policy or not and if so, how and where to incorporate it.A review of a number of other institutionsí digital preservation polices showed that IP is not mentioned at all or only minimally.The feeling was that as IP is a growing issue a statement in our overarching policy was needed. Using the NLAís policy as a model, it was decided to have a simple statement in the policy indicating ďcompliance with IPĒ.The question as to where in the policy was discussed and the conclusion was a simple statement under its own heading would be best.


Authenticity:The decision was to take the paragraph that Kevin had drafted (see below) and tweak it.A version of this would become the section for authenticity in policy draft 2.

Because the mutable nature of digital resources opens the possibility for unauthorized and undetectable changes, the authenticity or trustworthiness of preserved digital resources must not be automatically assumed. Instead, users of digital resources must judge whether the digital resources they encounter are what they purport to be and are free from tampering or corruption. YUL repositories of digital resources should undertake protective procedures to prevent, discover, and correct loss or corruption of digital resources due to either inadvertent or malicious intent. In addition, they must provide supporting evidence that will enable users to evaluate the authenticity and trustworthiness of all preserved digital resources.

The statements listed in the Trustworthiness section of policy draft 1 were moved to the glossary portion of the policy in policy draft 2.


Update on the Preservation Metadata Task Force.An update by Ann of this Task Force was followed by a discussion of the charge and its goals.



Bobbie put new policy draft out including:IP statement, lifecycle statement & authenticity statement


Next Meeting (will be re-scheduled due to a number of folks unable to make Monday):