Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  April 6, 2005, noon


Present: Ann Green, Bobbie Pilette, Kevin Glick E.C. Schroeder, David Gewirtz, Audrey Novak

Guest:  Kimberly Parker


Kim Parker had sent out a questionnaire regarding electronic resources and workflow lifecycle.  CoDGeR is looking at what is working or not.  Preservation is one of the functional areas of the workflow.  The DPC decided that the preservation aspect is not working.   However, one of the purposes of the DPC is to establish best practices that will take into consideration preservation of electronic resources.  Audrey volunteered to fill out the questionnaire and get it back to Kim.


Bobbie brought up the NELINET Staying Alive:  Long-term Preservation of Digital Files that is being offered in July.  Audrey will check on who is speaking and we will decide if it is worthwhile for someone from the library to attend.  The general decision was for committee members to report on any meetings/conferences that they are attend or papers presented.  Kevin reported briefly on his talk at the New England ACRL meeting.

Ann and Kevin will be doing a joint presentation about the Digital Landscape here in June—Kevin will be talking about Fedora and Ann on Digital Repositories.



Review of David & Kevin’s work on the metadata section.  There was discussion about which definition of “preservation” metadata to use—InterPARES or PREMIS.  InterPARES believes in the broader interpretation in that essentially all metadata whether it relates to technical, administrative, descriptive or information needed to maintain the item as preservation metadata.  PREMIS considers “preservation” metadata only what is needed to maintain the item.  The decision was that this is something the Preservation Metadata Task Force will determine.  This lead to the discussion of the task force feeling the charge needed clarification.  After discussion the committee agreed that Audrey would take the various versions of the metadata section and blend them, which would then be used by the Preservation Metadata Task Force as the basis for clarifying their charge.



David will draft a brief sentence on R&D to be worked into the principle statement

Audrey will re-work the draft on the Metadata section and get it to Bobbie

Bobbie will assemble the glossary list & get the new draft of the policy out.

Audrey will fill out the CoDGeR questionnaire


Next Meeting (regular time & place):

Review of final edits and careful read through of the whole policy

Assign glossary sections to committee members to find or construct definitions