Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  May 8, 2006, 10:30


Present: Bobbie Pilette, Gretchen Gano, Kevin Glick, Audrey Novak, E.C. Schroeder, David Gewirtz

Absent: Rebekah Irwin


A review of who is going to some meetings and conferences over the next few
JCDL Opening Information Horizons, June 11-15, 2006 North Carolina

            David Gewirtz

            Gretchen Gano

            Kevin Glick

Fedora Users Meeting, June 19/20,2006, Charlottesville

            David Gewirtz

            Gretchen Gano

            Kevin Glick

Archiving 2006 sponsored by Imaging Science and Technology, May 23-26, 2006, Ottawa, Canada; Audrey Novak.

New Schools of thought for the Present Era at SAA July 30-Augus 5,2006 in Washington, D.C.; Kevin Glick

International Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology
(IASSIST) at Ann Arbor, MI May 22-26, Data in a World of Networked Knowledge;
Gretchen will be talking about Fedora.

Looked at our timeline and accessed where the two teams are.  The technology team is moving ahead with draft technical leaflets.  There are about a half a dozen in the first draft form with many more to come.


The goal is to have some kind of written status report for Meg at the end of May.

The Admin/Cost team is struggling in trying to put the information gathered into some meaningful form.  After some discussion it was suggested that we approach these topics as a research paper.  With some great questions and suggestions from Audrey the Cost piece may be coming together.  The goal is to focus thought in a systematic way on the cost issues.  This can be done by listing out all the areas of cost that need to be considered both in the initial phase and then in ongoing.  If that is written without numbers--just the issues/costs to consider and then use real world examples with projects that we have undertaken; such as, MSSA's ERA, VRC project, Rescue Repository.  For digital preservation costs to include funds already spent on such staff time for projects such as the Beinecke, MSSA and the DPC.  Once we have a draft paper of this.  David said he could touch base with the Gartner Group, the think tank for IT infrastructure.

On the Admin side of things, it was decided to step away from the j.d. and think broader; by looking at what other institutions are doing and why.  To decide if there is something that will work or can be adapted for Yale.  We should make note of Cornell, Michigan & Stanford and that digital preservation has been moved out of traditional preservation dept and put into the IT.  Why?  What's gained?  What's loss? Look at the Kansas model—ECAR presentation of October 2005 that David did. 


For both the cost and admin part the recommendation may be more general for the first draft—lets not focus on the specifics at the moment.



·        Each team will continue to move forward


Next Meeting for committee as a whole:

·        May 22


Committee members’ schedules through August:

Bobbie:            June 19th

Rebekah:          May 22nd

Kevin:              May 15, June 19,26, July 17, Sep 11,18,25