Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date: June 20, 2005, 10:30


Present: Audrey Novak, Bobbie Pilette, David Gewirtz, Ann Green, Kevin Glick, E.C. Schroeder


The revision of the 5th paragraph of the policy was approved. The sentence in question now reads: Selectors, curators, and bibliographers in consultation with technical experts must specify the requirements for the digital resource. It was decided that the discussion papers David & Kevin prepared would be worked into the best practices session.


A review of the terms in the glossary to make sure we all agreed on which terms are to be in the glossary.


Clarification of what we want to accomplish by September:


Discussion of what is meant by best practices continued: Start with a roadmap/business plan and the decision of who is responsible for what or begin with a workflow/decision tree which will raise the issues that need to be addressed in a best practices as well as bring forward the who? Are the best practices ultimately a portal where folks are simply directed to information? A framework is needed for the discussion. Audrey & Kevin are going to work on pulling together one option. The other possibility is to look at the PREMIS.



      Bobbie get out draft version 5c with revised paragraph and agreed glossary list.

      Audrey & Kevin work on a possible model/outline/approach might be for best practices

      Audrey send out url for Digital Preservation: Best Practices for Museums by Canadian Heritage

      Terms for the glossary will be defined and submitted before the July 6 meeting.


Next Meeting (July 6th):

      Discuss glossary terms

      Discuss best practices approach



Meeting calendar update:

June 27 cancelled due to ALA

July 4 holiday and meeting rescheduled to July 6


Committee members schedules with regards to scheduled meetings unable to attend:

Ann, Kevin July 11

Kevin, July 18

Bobbie July 25