Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  July 10, 2006, 10:30 a.m.


Present: Bobbie Pilette, Gretchen Gano, David Gewirtz, Kevin Glick,

Absent: Audrey Novak, Rebekah Irwin, E.C. Schroeder

Meg had put out a query asking if we should comment on the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS).  We have until Oct 30, 2006 to respond.   Kevin said the InterPares group is responding and he could share their draft comments with us.  In general, felt we should but nothing decided.

Conferences coming up:

David is going; giving a paper.  Kevin is probably going.  It was felt worthwhile for all members who could go, to go.

www.oclc.org/western/services/digital services/digitalforum.htm  No one aware of and as it is focusing on sound and video media will see if David Walls can attend.


Gretchen did an update on the use of PREMIS for the Social Science datasets project.  Working with the PREMIS Metadata Task Force they have begun to establish which elements are to be used in this project.  The object for the project is ‘the study’.  This is one-to-many ascii files including supporting materials such as the codebooks.  See handouts showing Representation and File.  There are number of things that are still being worked on.  In ‘representation’—under discussion is the linking intellectual entity—this could be the link to a call number or a bib i.d.  However, there is a realization that not everything would have these. A questioned raised by Kevin is using ‘magnetic storage’ under content location value refers to what?  Level of detail on this seems to be lacking.  There was discussion on where more information for this would be recorded and did we need more information.  The importance of a handle server was also discussed. 


With reference to the ‘file’ piece the check sum and digital signatures are here.  Currently using PRONUM and having some problems with pulling the right format because of the non-standard/obsolete formats used with the datasets.  Recognize that we need to do some normalization but also exploring having their own list to compare against.  The time frame for this project is to have the script ready and do testing next week (July 17).


Once up and running, the next steps are:

·        Get a handle server

·        More sophisticated data model—start to understand what is best for a particular data set and have options to chose among.

·        Once in Fedora how information used?  What gets harvested?

Kevin gave an update regarding MSSA phasing out of LiveLink. The cost of maintaining Livelink is far beyond the budget capacity of MSSA nor is it part of the business of MSSA to do system administration and training for university offices. ITS/Enterprise Systems has purchased Documentum, a direct competitor of Livelink. They have purchased an unlimited user license and have implemented it in a number of offices, including the Development Office, Student Financial Aid, and several departments in the School of Medicine. There are a few hurdles to a possible switch from Livelink to Documentum. Enterprise Systems primary concern is not with records nor are they expert at dealing with records. Enterprise systems perceives this as a scanning service. Also there is a charge back to departments for using Documentum, while MSSA has not been charging departments for using Livelink. All records currently in LiveLink need to either move to Documentum (funding available?) or move records to Digital Repository.  In Kevin’s opinion, the ideal would be to add records management capacity onto Documentum and have Enterprise Systems take over all development, administration, and support with MSSA serving in an advising capacity.


Bobbie did a brief update on the administrative side of the digital preservation program development.  She’s talked with folks at Harvard and Stanford and looked at Cornell and Michigan in terms of relationships between digital preservation and preservation and who is responsible for what aspects of digital objects. 


David reported briefly on the JCL meeting.  OCLC/RLG are developing a checklist for a trusted repository.  Suggesting that we may want to wait on the further development of our technical end of things for the digital preservation program and wait and see what they come up with.  Also suggested looking at Robin Dale’s and McKenzie Smith’s papers.


Gretchen will be leaving us.  This was her last meeting for DPC. 



·        Each team will continue to work on their respective tasks posting via email documents for comments by the committee as a whole.  


Next Meeting for committee as a whole:

·        July 24, au bon pain


Committee members’ Monday schedules through September:

            Kevin:  Sep 11,18,25