Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  July 18, 2005, 10:30


Present: Audrey Novak, Bobbie Pilette, David Gewirtz, E.C. Schroeder, Ann Green

Absent:  Kevin Glick


No meeting on July 11, 2005


We worked through the glossary.  Definitions of access, content, provenance and stakeholder were all accepted as Audrey & Kevin had worked out.  Terms whose definitions were reworked are:  digital resources, format, metadata, and preservation repository.  Terms whose definitions were tweaked:  surrogates, life cycle.The decision was to drop “storage” from the glossary as it was explained at length in the document itself.  The Standards & Best Practices heading was dropped and brief sentences were added to the headings for the Glossary and the Sources.  Since the Sources were now to point folks to what had been used to inform the policy it was agreed that PREMIS, YOCR and InterPARES should be added.  The new draft called “Final Draft” has all the changes incorporated into it. 


Approval/feedback and dissemination process was discussed.  Will get on next month’s IAC agenda.  Those that need to see and approve are:  IAC, Research&Planning, LMC, CDC, CoDGeR



ü      Review new “Final Draft” and get any corrections to Bobbie by Thursday, July 21; including the urls we want to use for YOCR, PREMIS & InterPARES

ü      Bobbie will schedule the rest of the meetings for the next 2 years worth of Mondays


Next Meeting (July 25th):

ü      Brainstorm stages/steps in lifecycle categories; come up with use cases (some broad categories:  e-subscriptions, records, learning objects).

ü      Best Practices & Standards


Committee members’ schedules with regards to scheduled meetings unable to attend:

Bobbie             July 25

Bobbie             August 1