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More on Book Reviews:

There are general indexes and subject-specific indexes to book reviews. The indexes sometimes provide excerpts of reviews, but you usually will need to go to the source being cited to find the full text of the review. You may need to consult Orbis to verify that Yale has the periodical or other source being cited, and to determine its location.

The full texts of book reviews are available in some online electronic journals and via Nexis. General indexes to book reviews The following general indexes are the best sources for locating book reviews of a broad range of English-language fiction and nonfiction works:

Book Review Digest (New York: H.W. Wilson, 1905- )
SML Subject Bibliography, Z1219 B66 (LC)
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Book Review Digest, produced by the H.W. Wilson Company, is a bibliographic database that cites and provides excerpts of reviews of current English-language fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults. An abstract of each book is also provided. Periodical coverage includes approximately 100 leading magazines from the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Book Review Index(Detroit: Gale, 1965-)
SML Starr Main Reference Room, Index Case and stacks, Z1035 A1 B66 (LC)
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Indexes reviews appearing in about 450 periodicals, primarily in the fields of general fiction and nonfiction, humanities, social sciences, librarianship, and bibliography. This index covers more periodicals but does not provide abstracts of the books or excerpts from the reviews.

The New York Times Index(New York: New York Times Co., 1913-)
SML, Starr Main Reference Room, Index Case and stacks AI21 N44 (LC)
Some of these indexes will include book reviews back to the early 20th century. For earlier book reviews, consult the historical bibliographic tools recommended by the Primary Resources research guide. Subject-specific indexes to book reviews

For more substantive reviews of scholarly works, consult subject-specific indexes. Check the Subject Guide for your area of interest to identify the major indexes and bibliographies in your field, or make an Orbis search for book reviews by subject. In some cases there may be works that specifically index book reviews, but keep in mind that many of the more general indexes in various fields also include references to book reviews. Full text book reviews

The full texts of book reviews increasingly will be available via the Internet. Check the Subject Guide for your area of interest to learn about electronic journals available in your field.

Current full text book reviews can also be accessed via Academic Universe. A sample search would be:

book w/2 review and updike

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