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Researching a Topic in 4 Easy Steps
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Researching a Topic in Four Easy Steps:

Step 3d: Consider using alternate types of material - Book Reviews

Reviews of books appear in journals and monographs. Books may be reviewed individually, or a group of related books may be reviewed and compared. Though short notices or summaries of a book often appear fairly quickly after its publication, scholarly book reviews usually don't appear in journals until a year or two after.

You might want to consult book reviews:

  • as shortcuts to learning about the content of books
  • for information about the status and importance of a book
  • as summaries of work in your subject area

Where you should look for a book review depends on whether the book in question is popular or scholarly, current or historical. There are general indexes to book reviews as well as subject-specific indexes. Click here for more information about finding book reviews.

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