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Author searching locates materials by the name of authors, editors, composers, translators, arrangers, illustrators, and other people associated with a title, as well as organizations, institutions, governments, government bodies, or the names of symposia.

  • Enter the last name first, followed by the first name or enter as much as you know. Retain the hyphen in a hyphenated name: levi-strauss
  • For names with connectives (van, von, der), follow the conventions of the person's country or language: le court victor de
  • For corporate authors (government agencies, organizations) or proceedings of conferences, meetings, etc., type or enter enough of the name to distinguish it: bank of england or national symposium on wetlands
  • Search hierarchical names in full descending order: catholic church diocese of arras
  • Search both department and dept to ensure that all relevant records are retrieved: dept of archives and history
  • Search both acronyms and full names to retrieve all relevant catalog records. Search apa as well as american psychological association.

Author (sorted by title) Search

Please Note:

  • Do not use the question mark (?) for truncation. Searches are automatically truncated and retrieve catalog records beginning with the words, word roots or phrases entered.
  • Search limits are not available for Author searches.
  • Boolean operators (and, or, not) do not function in Author (sorted by name) searches.
  • Results are displayed in a Search Results List and may be browsed forward and backward.

Author Sorted by Title

This search is recommended for extremely prolific authors and composers (e.g. Darwin, Shakespeare, Mozart), who have written many works or whose works exist in multiple editions and translations. The results will give you a list of works by the author in alphabetical order.

Author Sorted by Title Search

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