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Call Number Search

Three types of call numbers are used at Yale to organize books and other materials by subject or shelf location.

Call Number Search


Use Call Number (LC) for materials classified by the Library of Congress system.

Use Call Number (Local) for materials classified by the older Yale classification system or Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) system.

Enter the number in order starting with the first character.

Results are displayed in a Brief Title List and are browsable, forward and backward using the Previous or Next button.

Call Number Search Results in a  Browsable Title List


Please note:

    • Complete or partial call numbers may be entered.
    • Punctuation and spacing matters but case does not matter.
    • In searches for call numbers containing a decimal extension, the . (period) must be included (e.g., TK5103.59)
    • In searches for call numbers containing a "double cutter" (that is, more than one letter/number combination appears after the class number), a space must be included before the second letter, (e.g., PS508.W73 W67).
    • In searches for call numbers which contain a date, a space should be included before the date. (e.g., SF426.C65 1991).
    • Search limits are not available for Call Number searches.
    • Boolean operators (and, or, not) do not function in Call Number searches.
    • Do not include the Yale Library location initials in a call number search, e.g., SML (for Sterling Memorial Library) QD501.

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