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Keyword Search

When you search by keyword, every online catalog record is checked for the word or words you enter in the Search for: box. A record will be retrieved if the words appear in almost any part of the record, including the title, subtitle, author, publishing information, notes, and subject fields.

You can do a Keyword search in Orbis without using a boolean operator. A script will automatically insert a boolean AND between your search terms.

Keyword Search

If you prefer to manually construct Keyword searches with boolean operators, you can still do so.

Combine several terms using Boolean operators : and, or, or not, with truncation and nesting.

Keyword Search

Keyword searches are useful if you do not know the authorized subject heading for your subject, or if you have incomplete or complex information about a title or author.

Keyword searches can retrieve large result sets. To help you refine your search and retrieve more meaningful results, use Search Limits, Boolean operators, truncation, and/or nesting.

Please Note:

  • Truncation: Use ? at the end of a search word for truncation: e.g., ecol? will search for ecology, ecological, etc.
  • Enclose exact search phrases in quotation marks: e.g., "middle ages". Truncation may be included within quoted phrases: e.g., "british theat?" will search for British theater and also British theatre.
  • Omit intervening commas, periods, apostrophes and most other punctuation. Retain hyphens and internal commas or periods (commas or periods within numbers), but those terms must be bounded by quotation marks.

    "1,001 broadways" or "1.001 poemas"

  • Include abbreviated articles:
    lenfant will retrieve l'enfant
    enfant will retrieve mon enfant, mère-enfant; it will not retrieve l'enfant
  • Boolean operators: Combine several terms using Boolean operators; use and, or, or not to combine one-word search terms:

    italy not renaissance
    color or colour

  • Use nesting (parentheses) to further refine a Boolean search: e.g., to find materials on Mayan pyramids or temples, enter (temple? or pyramid?) and maya?
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases:
    "global warming" "great britain"

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