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Limiting Searches

Two types of search limits are available in Orbis.

  • Quick Limits are found in a drop down menu within the Simple Search box and are used to apply a single, commonly-used limit to your current search.

Quick Limits

  • More Limits offers several further options for limiting searches: language, collection (Yale library location), date of publication, medium, and item type.

From the Simple Search or Advanced Search screen, select the More Limits button. The Search Limits screen appears.

More Limits
  • Scroll (see red arrow) and click to select desired limits.
  • Type in date(s) (see yellow arrow) and use the radio button to select = (is exactly), > (is greater than), > (is less than), or within a range.
  • Click on the Set Limits button at the top or bottom of the screen to return to your search screen.

To combine a Quick Limit with selections from More Limits, go to More Limits first and make your choices there, then go back to the search box and choose a Quick Limit before searching.

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