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Saving and Printing Orbis Records

Single Record (from a Brief, Full, or Staff View Display).

Use the Save Options table at the bottom of the Orbis display screen to print or save a single or multiple records in Orbis.


Save Options


  • To save or print, select one option in the Records box and select a Download Format from the drop down menu. Click on the Print/Save icon and use the Print or Save function in your browser.
  • To e-mail one or more records, enter your full e-mail address and click on the E-mail icon.

To select all the records on the page:

  • All on Page will print/save/e-mail all citations displayed on the screen.
  • Selected on Page will print/save/e-mail only those citations you have "checkmarked" on the display screen.
  • Selected on all pages will print/save/e-mail those citations you have "checkmarked" on each page of your search.

Select a Format

  • Brief Record option is selected by default.
  • Full Record will show the complete bibliographic record from the Long View.
  • Use the Citation option to import records into EndNote.
  • ["MARC" formats are primarily for Library Staff.]

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