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Subject Search

There are two subject search options: one using the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and the other using special collections subjects which are terms created at Yale to trace provenance, imprint, chronology, etc.

Subject Search


The results of these types of searches are displayed in a Search Results list which may be browsed forward and backward using the Previous and Next buttons.

Subject Search Results

If you do not use the exact subject term in its exact order, the resulting headings list will show you the list of headings that most closely match your search terms. Some terms appear in the Index with "0" results. More Info are links to the "authorized" form of the heading that can then be used to search for the subject without having to return to the search page.

Use the links for Subject Headings in records that best match your research needs for more results.

Keyword Search and Subject Headings

Please Note:

  • Proper names can be used as subjects (e.g. entering bronte charlotte as a subject will retrieve materials about Charlotte Bronte).
  • Commas, periods, apostrophes, and most punctuation should be omitted. (i.e., enter united states history civil war, not united states--history--civil war)
  • Searches are automatically truncated (i.e., catalog records that begin with the words or phrases entered are retrieved). Enter a word, or the beginning of a word, that describes your topic (for example, a search on econ would return the topics econometrics, economic, economical, economist, economy, economies, etc.) Do not use the question mark (?) for truncation.
  • Search limits are not applicable.

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