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Visiting Librarians: Léonard Bourlet and Julien Sempéré

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École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (Enssib), Lyon (France)


Leonard & Julien


Léonard Bourlet and Julien Sempéré are visiting Fellows from ENSSIB (Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliotheques), the French national school for librarianship and information sciences.  During their professional librarianship training, all students are sent for a three-month practicum, whose aim is to prepare them for managerial responsibilities in their future assignments.  For years, the school has strongly promoted training periods abroad to enrich the students' education and give them the opportunity of experiencing other professional practices.  These Fellows will bring to FIVE the number of ENSSIB interns hosted at Yale; our most recent Fellow, Florian Forestier, was based in Research Services and Collections. These Fellows will be with us from February 2011 thru April 2011. 

The ENSSIB Fellows will work in International Digital Projects, with Elizabeth Beaudin and Graziano Kratli.  Their Yale "project" involves an assessment of key scholarly books in the American Oriental Society Reading Room.  Professor Stanley Insler has provided his encouragement for this activity.   

Here are our new colleagues' brief bios: 

During his coursework, LÉONARD BOURLET has already worked on several collections and many different types of documents.  While studying at the Ecole Nationale des Chartes, he completed a Bachelor's and a Master's degree at the Sorbonne University and at the CNAM University.  Presently, he is completing his Ph.D in Urbanization History, focusing on the evolutions of the organisation of the city of Lille, France, its relations with the Deule River, and the perception of water by the population and the actors of urban planning.

Léonard writes:  "My request is motivated by the desire of experiencing one of the greatest and the most innovative libraries in the world.  I want to know more about the cultural conceptions of your library, how it works, how it develops new projects that influence other libraries, and especially the French ones."

JULIEN SEMPÉRÉ is particularly interested in financing electronics and digital resources in academic libraries.  His ENSSIB degree follows a degree in Modern History, which he completed with honors after successfully defending his thesis about trade in the Mediterranean Sea.  Throughout his curriculum, he has also worked on several projects in some of the most preeminent European libraries such as the French Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, and the Bibliotheca Real, Madrid.  His latest professional experience within the Paris Descartes University's Financial Department solidified his keen interest in library management and development.

In his application letter, Julien writes:  "Regarding digital/electronic resources, the Yale University Library is a state-of-the-art organization and is held up as an example in France.  I believe that a professional experience within your library, for a three-month period between February 2011 and April 2011, will be of great value before graduating and holding a full-time position."