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Visiting Librarians: Dong Feng

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Sun Yat-sen University Library, Guangzhou, China


Kwok Library Fellow, August 2006-July 2007

Dong FENG, the Third Kwok Library Fellow Yale University Library, is Assistant Librarian and Director of the Acquisitions and Catalog Department at the Main Library of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou (China).

Mr. Feng has a bachelor’s degree in Medical Library and Information Science from Tongji Medical University in Shanghai, and a master’s degree in Library Science from Wuhan University.

At Sun Yat-sen University Library since 1993, his previous positions include Librarian in the Chinese Periodicals Department, Medical Library (1993-96) and Director of the Foreign Periodicals Department, Medical Library (1997-2001).

His professional publications include the articles “The mathematical model on the acquisitions of the biomedical periodicals on foreign language” (The Journal of the Library Science in Jianxi 2, 2004), “The resources construction in the university library” (Journal of Library Science 6, 2004), and “Network-technology education for university librarians” (Journal of Library Science 5, 2004).

Mr. Feng is undertaking a number of different projects during his twelve months at Yale (August 2006 – July 2007). He is processing an archival collection on the Taiping Rebellion, learning about our work flows and systems, and assisting the East Asia Library staff with vendor contacts in China and some cataloging.