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Visiting Librarians: Jee Yeon Kang

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National Assembly Library, Seoul, South Korea


Visiting Korean Studies Librarian, August 2008-July 2009

Jee Yeon Kang, Acquisition and Cataloging Librarian at the National Assembly Library of Korea (NAL) in Seoul, holds a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science from Ewha Womans University, a private women's university in Seoul, and is working on a master’s degree in Administration from Korea National Open University (KNOU).

At the National Assembly Library, Jee Yeon is responsible for the acquisition and cataloging of Korean books and journals, as well as for introduction of major databases. Before that, she was in charge of the acquisition of Western books (4 years) and cataloging of Western books and non-book materials (8 years). She also worked in the Assembly Records materials reading room (3 years), the Unification materials reading room (3 years), and the Circulation department (2 years).

As a visiting librarian at Yale’s East Asia Library, Jee Yeon will be primarily responsible for the selection, acquisition, and cataloging of Korean materials. She will also compile a report that compares Korean holdings at Yale and at her own institution.