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Visiting Librarians: Michael L. Kasusse

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Albert Cook Medical Library Makerere University
Kampala, Uganda

International Associate, Spring 2009

Michael Kasusse, librarian at Makerere University's Sir Albert Cook Medical Library in Kampala, Uganda, is the eighth information professional to come to Yale under the auspices of the International Associates Program, a Library-funded project launched in 2005.

Michael received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Library and Information Science from Makerere University in 2000 e 2004, respectively.

Prior to joining the Albert Cook Library in 2006, he worked for 5 years at Mildmay, a London-based HIV/AIDS charity where he was both librarian and head of medical records.

Michael has a broad range of interests he would like to pursue during his time at Yale, including health information literacy training, document delivery, information retrieval, reference services and management of public computer clusters.

Michael is professionally active. He has published several papers and presented at conferences, and is currently Executive Director of the Information Science Foundation for Eastern Africa (ISFEA). He recently attended a Health Informatics course at the University of Sheffield in England.

The Yale School of Medicine has a very active collaboration with the Makerere Medical School and their clinical unit, Mulago Hospital (featured in the film “The Last King of Scotland”). Over the past two years, the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library has been building a relationship with the Makerere Faculty of Medicine and their medical library.

These efforts are part of the largest and most established program of international cooperation at the Yale School of Medicine, the “Makerere University-Yale University (MuYu) Collaboration.” Seventy-four students, residents, faculty and staff have spent time at Makerere in the first two years of the program, and the size and scope of the program continues to grow. This is now one of two approved international locations for medical students’ mandatory “Primary Care” clinical rotation.

Michael’s fellowship is Yale’s latest step towards this growing relationship between the two institutions and their libraries.