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Visiting Librarians: Tetiana Yaroshenko

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National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy
Kyiv, Ukraine


Fulbright Visiting Scholar, November 2004-April 2005

Tetiana Yaroshenko is Library Director of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA), in Kyiv, Ukraine, one of the top-ranking institutions of higher education in the country.

A graduate of the Kiev State Institute of Culture (now Kiev State University of Culture and Arts), where she studied Library Science, Tetiana was Deputy Director of the Ukrainian State Library for Young Adult from 1986-94, and Library Director of The National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy (1995-).

Tetiana's research project as Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Yale was on the topic of "Electronic Journals Collection Management in Academic Libraries," and she worked both independently and under the direction of the Head of Electronic Collections.

She has been professionally very active both in Ukraine and outside, as an ambassador both for librarianship and for the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and her work at Yale added significantly to that record of accomplishment.

From the NaUKMA Web site: "The history of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library is indivisibly connected with the history of glorious Academy, which has begun a development of higher education in Ukraine. The foundation of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library was formed by Petro Mohyla’s book collection that he bequeathed to Academy together with jewelry. This collection numbered 2130 publications in different languages. This way Petro Mohyla started a tradition of granting books and book collections, which later on was kept up by many famous Ukrainian figures, graduates, professors of Academy. This tradition remained till today.

At the end of the XVII century the Library numbered more than three thousand books including editions of the XVI century and first half of XVII century – 1813 items, and 857 items from the second half of the XVII century.

The catalogue made up at that time by Professor Iryney Falkovsky states such subject composition of the library collection: theology – 525 volumes, history – 253, philosophy– 90, rhetoric, poetics and grammar – 236, various dictionaries– 69, medicine, mathematics and astronomy – 76. Academic books in Latin prevailed in the collection. The library holdings were added by book purchase and subscription of periodicals in such well-known Western Europe printing centers as Venice, Rome, Florence, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Basel, Amsterdam, Krakow, Warszawa, Vilna and others. In 1759 metropolitan Arsensiy Mogylianskiy founded newspaper fund – he subscribed for the Library French, German and Russian newspapers on his own account.

At end of XIX century Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library, which passed on to Kyiv Theological Academy (KTA), numbered 150 thousand volumes in Russian, French, German, Polish and other languages, from elementary textbooks to works of ancient and modern classics of science and culture. The merit of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy graduates and professors lies not only in the fact that due to their efforts in the 17-18 centuries the biggest library in Eastern Europe has been established, and also because political, religious, public figures and ordinary graduates made an important contribution to the development of Ukrainian bibliology, bibliography and founded libraries in many Ukrainian and Russian cities. The Kyiv Theological Academy was closed early in 1920, and the library was transferred to the All-Ukrainian Library.

In February 1992 the Library together with a glorious Academy resumed its activity without any book.

Today, the holdings of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Research Library includes over 350 thousand volumes and about 2 thousand serials titles."