Joseph Chetrit
Haifa University

Joseph Chetrit is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Socio-Pragmatics at the University of Haifa, Israel, where he was also Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Vice-Rector. His main research concerns Jewish culture in North Africa, including Jewish languages, Jewish discourse, Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic poetry, music, modernization, proverbs, etc. His recent books are: Digossie, Hybridation et Diversité Intra-linguistique. Études Socio-Pragmatiques sur les Langues Juives, le Judéo-Arabe et le Judéo-Berbère. Paris - Louvain: Editions Peeters, 2007; and Linguistic Treasuries and Textures: Socio-Pragmatic Studies in North Africa Judeo-Arabic and Its Hebrew Component: Articles, Poems, Tales and Proverbs. Jerusalem: Mossad Bialik, 2009 (Hebrew). Professor Chetrit is the head of the Centre for the Study of Jewish Culture in Spain and Muslim Countries and of the interdisciplinary project Mediterranean Civilizations and Their Significance for Our Times, at the University of Haifa.