Moshe Amar
Bar-Ilan University

Moshe Amar is a professor emeritus at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, and at Ashkelon Academic College in Ashkelon, Israel.  His areas of specialization are Talmud and Jewish law, the history of Spanish and North African Jewry, and Hebrew paleography.  Among his books are The Responsa of Rabbi Ishtrock ibn Shangi,   Ramat-Gan, 1982 and Etz Haim: The Dispute between Spanish Exiles and the Residents of Fez Regarding the Inflation of Lungs by Rabbi Haim Gaguine, Ramat-Gan, 1988.  His articles include ‘Le Conseil du Grant Rabbinat d’Erets Yisrael et le Conseil Rabbanique du Maroc face aux problems de leur temps,’ in Presence juive au Maghreb, Hommage a Haime Zafrani, edite par Nicole S. Sarfaty et Joseph Tedghi; Paris, 2008 and Marriage and Matchmaking in the Ordinances and Rulings of the Sages of Morocco from the 15th to the 20th Centuries,’ in Mimizrach Umima’arav, 8 (2008).