Moshe Bar-Asher
Hebrew University

Moshe Bar-Asher is a Hebrew scholar and linguist. Born in Ksar es-Suk (now Rashidiya), district of Tafilalt in southeast of Morocco, he immigrated to Israel in 1951. Bar-Asher's major fields of research are Palestinian (esp. Syro-Palestinian) Aramaic, biblical, rabbinic, and modern Hebrew, Qumran texts, and the sharh (oral Maghrebian translations of the Bible and liturgical Jewish texts). He chaired the Department of Hebrew Language (1981-83) at the Hebrew University and the Institute for Jewish Studies (1983-86). He was elected a member of the Hebrew Academy in 1977 and was appointed its vice president (1987-93) and president (from 1993). Bar-Asher was founder (1985) and Director of the Center of Jewish Languages and Literatures and Director of the Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Center for the Study of the Hebrew Language (1997-2007). He received the Israel Prize in 1993. Among his major publications are Ha-Surit shel Eretz Israel u-V'ayot Nivharot be-Dikdukah (1977); La Composante Hebraïque du Judeo-Arabe Algèrien (1992); L'Hébreu Mishnique: Études Linguistiques (1999); and Leshon Limmudum le-Rabbi Raphael Berdugo (3 vols., 2001). Forthcoming is his Leshonot, Massorot u-minhagot-Studies in Jewish Languages and Research in Languages, Traditions and Costumes of North African Jews. A full list of Bar-Asher's works and scientific publications appeared in Reshimat ha-Pirsumim shel Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher.