Ofra Tirosh-Becker
Hebrew University

Dr. Ofra Tirosh-Becker is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Hebrew Language and Jewish Languages at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she heads the program in Jewish Languages and Literatures. She is an advisory member of The Academy of the Hebrew Language, and a co-editor of the academic journal Massorot: Studies in Language Traditions and Jewish Languages. Dr. Tirosh-Becker received her M.A. degree in Jewish Languages & Literatures, and her PhD degree in Hebrew Language, both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She did her post-doctorate research as an honorary Starr Fellow at The Center for Jewish Studies of Harvard University, and as an Eliezer Ben Yehuda Fellow at the Hebrew University. Dr. Tirosh-Becker is a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship, the Rothschild Fellowship, the AAUW International Fellowship and other awards. Her research focuses on the contacts between Hebrew and Arabic in the Middle Ages and in Modern times. Among her research topics are rabbinic Hebrew in Karaite writings, Medieval and Modern Judeo-Arabic translations of the Bible and of post-biblical literature, and North-African Judeo-Arabic dialectology. Her two-volume book Rabbinic Excerpts in Medieval Karaite Literature will appear in print in 2010.