Shalom Bar-Asher
Lifshitz College

Dr. Shalom Bar-Asher was born in Ksar-es-Souk, Morocco, and later immigrated to Israel.   He attended the Hebrew University where he received his Ph.D writing on “The Jewish Community of Morocco in the 18th Century.”  He has taught at universities in Israel, the United States and France.   Among his articles are “The Jews of North Africa and the Land of Israel in the 18th-19th Centuries: The Reversal in Attitude toward Aliyah (Immigration) to the Land of Israel” (1986),  and “The Hatred of Jews through the Ages: Anti-Semitism and Social-Economic Standing;  The Jews of Morocco, 1672-1922” (1988). His book Community and Leadership: The Jews of Morocco, 1492-1830 is forthcoming.