The Passover Haggadah
  Modern Art in Dialogue with an Ancient Text
      Fritz Kredel

Fritz Kredel was born in Michelstadt-im-Odenwald, Germany in 1900. He studied medicine in Heidelberg and Paris and established a practice in Frankfurt in the mid 1930s. Kredel's artistic career began in the 1920s when he joined the studio of the world-renowned graphic artist Rudolf Koch. In Koch's studio Kredel perfected the art of making woodcuts that demonstrated high technical virtuosity and minute detail with an expressive, lyrical quality. In 1937 he was awarded the Gold Medal for Book Illustration at the Paris World Exposition. With the rise of Nazism in Germany, Kredel fled to the United States with his family and settled in New York. He also had a successful career in book illustration in the United States. He illustrated a Christmas book by Eleanor Roosevelt and was commissioned to create a woodcut of the Presidential seal for the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. A prolific and versatile book artist, Kredel's wookcuts, pen and ink drawings, and watercolor illustrations were highly thought of on two continents. Kredel died in New York in 1973.


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