Ketubot from Iran

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Herat, Afghanistan, 1851

Bride: Shoshanah bat Eliyahu
Groom: Shimon ben Yehudah
Thursday, 12 Sivan 5611 (June 12, 1851)
On paper

The calligraphic text of this ketubah is set within a delicately decorated border. Above the text is an arcade of three pointed arches which contain blessings for the bride and groom and biblical selections relating to marriage. Following the text proper, an additional line is often incorporated into Herat ketubot as it is in this one. It reads: "May they [i.e. bride and groom] be fruitful and multiply, build and prosper, live a long life, see their children grow up in goodness and blessing, in the merit of Moses and Israel. The words "amen, forever more, and selah" are repeated three times at the conclusion. Though the name of scribe is almost never given, it is on this ketubah. He is Matityahu ben Shm'uel. The circles on the bottom contain the signatures of the witnesses. Though only two witnesses are needed, Herat ketubot and many Iranian ones often include more than two, probably so as to not give offense to notable rabbis and other honored guests present at the marriage.

A full size, readable image of this Ketubah is available by following this link to the Beinecke's Digital Image Collection

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