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General References

Research Guides

This is a selection of general research guides, directories and handbooks pertaining to Latin America and the Caribbean. Consult with a reference librarian for information about additional reference materials.

Almanaque de la m�sica latinoamericana (Frank M. Figueroa. St. Petersburg, FL : Pillar Publications, c1996. 121 p.)
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY / ML199 F475 A4+ 1996

Los archivos de la historia de Am�rica: per�odo colonial espa�ol
(M�xico: Instituto Panamericano de Geograf�a e Historia, 1961. 2 vols.)
SML / F1401 P35 225 (LC)
Though nearly 30 years old, these two volumes remain the best single source for an introduction to the primary sources of colonial Latin America.

Brazil in Reference Books, 1965-1989 (Ann Kane Hartness. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1991.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1671 H39X 1991 (LC)
A very thorough and well-annotated bibliography of separately published reference works on Brazil.
Business Information Sources of Latin America and the Caribbean (Ellen G. Shaffer, comp. Washington, D.C.: Organization of American States, 1982.)
SSL / HF3230.5 +C583 1982 (LC)

The Cambridge History of Latin America (Leslie Bethell, ed. [New York]: Cambridge University Press, 1984-.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm; CCL, Stacks / F1410 C1834 1984- (LC)
A benchmark publication for the 1980s and 1990s. Each volume features the writing of established scholars in their fields. Each chapter is accompanied by a significant bibliographic essay. v.1-2. Colonial Latin America -- v.3. From Independence to c. 1870 -- v.4-5. c.1870 to 1930 -- v.6. Latin America since 1930 : Economy, society and politics -- v.7. Latin America since 1930: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean -- v. 8. Latin America since 1930: Spanish South America -- v.10. Latin America since 1930: ideas, culture, and society -- v.11. Bibliographic essays.

The Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas ( Cambridge, England ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996-.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm; CCL, Stacks / E77 C25 1996 (LC)

Caribbean Islands Handbook (Bath, England : Trade & Travel Publications, 1989-. Annual)
SML / F2171.3 C365 (LC)

Changing Perspectives in Latin American Studies: insights from six disciplines (Christopher Mitchell. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1988. 238 p.)

SML / F1409.9 C43 1988 (LC)
Reviews the current state of Latin American studies in the fields of history, political science, sociology, anthropology, and literature. A useful introduction to the state of each discipline and a review of recent scholarship and topics of current research interest.

Directorio latinoamericano: Latin American Directory (Quito: EDIEC Latina, 1985. 4 vols.)

SML / F1406.5 +D57 (LC)
An excellent source for names and addresses of about 15,000 government agencies, political bodies, social science research institutes, and universities.

Economic and Social Progress in Latin America (Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, 1961-. Annual.)

SML / HC121 I58 (LC); SSL, EGC HG4517 I58

A Filmography of the Third World, 1976-1983: an annotated list of 16mm films (Helen W. Cyr. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1985. 275 p.)

SML / HC59.7 C975 1985 (LC)
Continued by The Third World in Film and Video, 1983-1990.

Funding for Research, Study and Travel: Latin America and the Caribbean (Karen Cantrell, et al., eds. Phoenix, Arizona: The Oryx Press, 1987. 301 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / F1409.95 U6 C36 1987 (LC)
A guide to sources for research money. Lists 393 programs providing sponsored research, study, or travel support for students and scholars. Includes a bibliography of additional printed sources and online databases.

Guia a las rese�as de libros de y sobre Hispano-Am�rica: A guide to reviews of books from and about Hispanic America (Detroit: Blaine Ehridge-Books, 1960-1964- Annual.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1035 A1 +G85 (LC)
The most comprehensive index to book reviews on Latin American topics. Indexes and includes excerpts of reviews appearing in over 700 sources. Reviews sometimes appear 3 and 4 years after the date of publication. Covers books published from 1960 forward. Slow to be published.

Guide to Latin American and Caribbean Census Material: A Bibliography and Union List (Carole Travis, ed. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1990. 739 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z7553 C3 G85X 1990 (LC)
Covering 40 countries, colonies, or other political jurisdictions, citations list the earliest known published censuses through 1979. Includes all kinds of censuses (e.g. population, housing, agriculture, schools).

Guide to Latin American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library (Yale University Library. N.Y.: Clearwater, 1985. 7 vols.)

SML / Z1431 +Y34 1985 (LC)
Subject catalog of pamphlets, includes 6,300 pamphlets on M�xico, 2,000 on Per�, and 1,325 on Central and South America. Covers a wide range of subjects (e.g., playbills, speeches, biographies) on social, political, and economic conditions in Latin America from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. Serves as a guide to the microfilm collection Latin American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library.

Guide to Materials on Latin America in the National Archives of the United States (George S. Ulibarri. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1988. 489 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / CD3028 L37 U54 1987 (LC)
A detailed introduction to the National Archives' holdings of Latin American materials in all formats. Arranged by branch (legislative, executive, judicial) and by department, this well-organized guide describes each set of records in detail. An excellent source for the study of official U.S. involvement in Latin America.

A guide to the history of Brazil, 1500-1822 : the literature in English (Francis A. Dutra. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio, c1980. 625 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1686 D87 (LC)

Guide to the Political Parties of South America (Jean-Pierre Arthur Bernard. Harmondsworth, England: Penguin, 1973. 574 p.)

SML / JL1869 A45 T2313 1973 (LC)
Essays on the historical background and party profiles constitute the major part of this work.

Haiti, a basic reference book : general information on Haiti (Patricia Schutt-Aine, ed. Miami, Fla., U.S.A. : Librairie Au Service de la Culture, c1994. 388 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / F1915.5 H33X 1994 (LC)

A Handbook of Latin American and Caribbean National Archives: Gu�a de los archivos nacionales de Am�rica Latina y el Caribe (Ann Keith Nauman. Detroit: Blaine Ethridge Books, 1983. 127 p.)

SML / CD3680 +N38 1983 (LC)
Contains brief entries for 56 national archives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Handbook of Political Science Research on Latin America: Trends from the 1960s to the 1990s (David W. Dent, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1990. 448 p.)

SSL / JA84 L3 H36X 1990 (LC)
Country essays on research trends by area specialists. Valuable as an introduction to major scholars and research topics.

Handbook of South American Indians (Julian Haynes Steward, ed. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1946-59. 7 vols.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / F2229 S84 (LC)
A pioneering work, dated but retains its usefulness. A major contribution to the native cultures of South America.

Hist�ria da hist�ria do Brasil (Jos� Hon�rio Rodrigues. S�o Paulo: Companhia Editora Nacional, [1979-88]. 3 vols.)

SML / F2520.4 R57 (LC)
Designed as a concluding series of volumes on Brazilian historiography which began in 1949 with the author's Teoria da hist�ria do Brasil and A pesquisa hist�rica no Brasil.

Hist�ria geral da civilizac�o brasileira (S�rgio Buarque de Holanda, and Boris Fausto, eds. S�o Paulo: Difus�o Europ�ia do Livro, 1960-1984.)

SML / F2521 H57 (LC)
Contains three parts: I, A �poca colonial; II., O Brasil mon�rquico; III., O Brasil rep�blicano. The best collaborative history, covering the entire sweep of Brazilian history, 1500-1964, with contributions by leading historians from Brazil and abroad.

Historiography of Latin America: A guide to historical writing, 1500-1800 (A. Curtis Wilgus. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1975. 333 p.)

SML / F1409.7 W54 (LC)
A selected biobibliography of historians of Latin America, arranged first by century and then by region or country as well as by topic. Authors' biographies are arranged alphabetically within each section.

Information on Music: a handbook of reference sources in European languages (Guy A. Marco. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1975-.)

SML / ML113 M33 (LC)
Volume 2 covers the Americas and is knowledgeably annotated. Chapter 3 (pp. 94-210) covers Latin America. A comprehensive bibliographical resource and important for research in this field.

Latin America and Caribbean : a directory of resources (Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron, eds. Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books ; London : Zed Books, c1986. 142 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm; DIVINITY / Z1601 F46 1986 (LC)
Designed to provide information on various aspects of Latin American and Caribbean peoples' struggle for social justice, this work lists organizations, resources audiovisual works, and publications.

Latin America and Caribbean Contemporary Record (New York: Holmes and Meier, 1981- . Annual.)

SML / F1401 L354 (LC); latest in Starr
A yearbook recording recent political, economic, and social developments in each country. Includes a good overview for each country with information on social, economic, and political conditions, foreign affairs, statistical tables, and a bibliography of recent writings.

Latin America and the Caribbean: a critical guide to research sources (Paula H. Covington, David Block...[et al.] eds. New York: Greenwood Press, 1992.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm; SSL; DIVINITY / Z1601 +L3225X 1992 (LC)
An important sourcebook that identifies reference and bibliographic works central to Latin American research. Contains 15 chapters, each providing an introductory essay and a bibliographic section. Coverage includes the social sciences and humanities. Indispensable source for Latin Americanists.

Latin America in Basic Historical Collections : a working guide (Russell H. Bartley... [et al.]. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press, [1972]. 217 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1601 +B37 (LC)
A compilation of brief descriptions of repositories throughout the world principally archives and libraries holding Latin American historical materials.

Latin America, International Relations: a guide to information sources (John J. Finan. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co., 1981. 236 p.)

LAW, BIB / C F4905
Consists of three parts: (1) bibliographies and aids; (2) general, including intergovernmental organizations, security, scientific, and technological concerns; and (3) countries.

Latin American History : a teaching atlas (Cathryn L. Lombardi, John V. Lombardi and K. Lynn Stoner. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1983.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / G1541 S1 +L6 1983 (LC)
Reproductions and original cartography designed to show natural environment, history, and politics of Latin America.

Latin American Jewish Studies: an annotated guide to the literature (Judith Laikin Elkin and Ana Lya Sater. New York: Greenwood Press, 1990. 238 p)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z6373 L3 E44X 1990 (LC)
Annotated bibliography of 800 books, articles, dissertations, and chapters of books, published 1970-86.

Latin American Jewry: a research guide (Martin Howard Sable. Hebrew Union College Press, 1978. 633 p.)

SML, Judaica Collection / Z6373 L3 S22 1978 (LC)
Unannotated bibliography of 4,857 entries on books and articles in Spanish, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and other languages. Covers 1492 to 1974.

Latin American military history : an annotated bibliography (David G. LaFrance and Errol D. Jones, eds. New York : Garland, 1992. 734 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1621 L38X 1992 (LC)

Latin American Political Movements (Ciar�n O Maol�in. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1985. 287 p.)

SSL, REF / JL969 A45 L38 (LC)
Arranged by country with groups listed alphabetically therein. Includes right and left wing organizations, some labor unions, guerrilla movements, and less formally constituted bodies such as death squads.

Latin American Scholarship since World War II: trends in history, political science, literature, geography, and economics (Roberto Esquenazi-Mayo and Michael C. Meyers, eds. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, [1971]. 335 p.)

CCL / F1408 E86 (LC)
Essays on scholarship and research trends in various disciplines. Includes essays on themes, institutions, periods, and regions (e.g., colonial Brazil, the military, economic integration).

Latin American Studies: a basic guide to sources (Robert A. McNeil, ed. 2nd ed. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1990. 458 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1601 L324 1990 (LC)
A basic guide to research in the social sciences and humanities, this textbook serves to introduce students to a range of sources and research techniques relating to Latin American Studies.

Mexico & Central American Handbook (Bath, England : Trade & Travel Publications, c1990-. Annual)
SML / F1209 M4863 (LC)

New Iberian World: a documentary history of the discovery and settlement of Latin America to the early 17th Century (John H. Parry. New York: Times Books; Hector and Rose, 1984. 5 vols.)

CCL / F1411 +N49 1984 (LC)
A compilation of documents in English translation (many done specifically for this work) of Iberian-language sources which treat the background, discovery, and conquest of the Americas, ca. 1250-1600.

People and issues in Latin American history : from independence to the present ; sources and interpretations (Louis Lewis Hanke and Jane M. Rausch, eds. New York : M. Wiener Pub., c1990. 353 p.)

CCL, Stacks, 24-Hour / F1413 H35 1990 (LC)

Political parties of the Americas and the Caribbean : a reference guide (John Coggins and D.S. Lewis, eds. Harlow, Essex, U.K. : Longman ; Detroit, Mich., USA : 1992 341 p.)

SSL, REF / JL599.5 A979 P65X 1992 (LC)

Political parties of the Americas : Canada, Latin America, and the West Indies (Robert Jackson. Alexander, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1982. 2 vols.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm; SSL, REF / JL195 P64 1982 (LC)
Essays discuss each nation's history from the perspective of political parties; thereafter individual parties with historical detail, leadership and ideological positions appear. Supplemented by Political parties of the Americas, 1980s to 1990s : Canada, Latin America, and the West Indies, 1992.

Research Guide to Central America and the Caribbean (Kenneth J. Grieb, ed. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1985. 431 p.)

SML / Z1595 R47 1985 (LC)
Identifies and describes the archival and library resources relating to Central America and the Caribbean, located in the United States, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America.

Research Tools for Latin American Historians: a select, annotated bibliography (David P. Werlich. New York: Garland, 1980. 269 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1601 W47 (LC)
This clearly organized work contains a classified, annotated bibliography of 1,347 reference works and other sources useful to historians of Latin America.

Scholars' Guide to Washington, D.C. for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Michael Grow. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1979. 346 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / Z1601 G867 (LC)
Surveys collections and organizations in the Washington DC area of interest to Latin Americanists. Includes embassies, government agencies, research centers.

South America, Central America, and the Caribbean (London: Europa Publications, 1985-.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / F1408.29 +S68 (LC)
Issued periodically, this handbook surveys political and economic conditions of Latin America and the Caribbean. Each country entry contains a directory of information on the government, constitution, heads of state, organizations, news agencies, radio and television, banks, publishers, etc.

South American Handbook (Bath, England: Trade and Travel Publications, Lmtd., 1924-. Annual)
SML; CCL, Reference / F1401 S68 (LC)

Spanish Language Reference Books: an annotated bibliography (Berkeley: Chicano Studies Library Publications Unit, University of California, 1989. 45 p.)

SML / Z1035.1 S586X 1989 (LC)
A guide to general reference sources written in Spanish. Lists and describes general sources such as directories, encyclopedias, and bibliographies.

Tinker Guide to Latin American and Caribbean Policy and Scholarly Resources in Metropolitan New York (Ronald G. Hellman and Beth Kempler, eds. New York: City University of New York, 1988. 217 p.)

SML / F1409.95 u6 T56 1988 (LC)
Includes institutions, associations, chambers of commerce, government offices, libraries, bookstores, publications, and media sources in New York City.

The United States in Latin America : a historical dictionary (David Shavit. New York : Greenwood Press, 1992. 471 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / F1418 S494X 1992 (LC)

Women, culture, and politics in Latin America (Emilie Bergmann. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990. 269 p.)

SML / HQ1460.5 W624X 1990 (LC)
The conference papers of the Seminar on Feminism and Culture in Latin America. Papers survey feminism, women in politics, women and literature, etc. Extensive bibliographical references.

Women and change in Latin America (June C. Nash and Helen Icken Safa, eds. South Hadley, MA: Bergin and Garvey, 1986. 372 p.)

CCL / HQ1460.5 W6 1986 (LC)
This compendium of new scholarship describes the Latina's struggles for independence in a machismo dominated world. Includes a survey of the literature written between 1975 and 1985.


Am�rica en cifras (Vol. 1-, 1960-. Washington, D.C.: Organization of American States, 1960-.)

SSL, REF / HA175 A43 (LC)
Important source of statistics on Latin America until it ceased publication in 1977.

Anuario est�distico de Am�rica Latina y el Caribe = Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean (Vol. 1-, 1985. [Santiago de Chile]. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 1986-. Annual.)
SSL, EGC / 4 HA37.1 A58 (LATEST IN REF))
Provides detailed statistical information on economic and social development in Latin America.

Brazil: a handbook of historical statistics (Armin K. Ludwig. Boston: G.K. Hall, [1985]. 487 p.)
SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / HA984 +L83 1985 (LC)
Tabular presentation of a wide range of demographic, social, economic, political, and foreign trade statistical data in historical time series. Indexed by subject.

Estudio econ�mico de Am�rica Latina y el Caribe (Vol. 1-, 1948-. Santiago de Chile: Comisi�n Econ�mica para Am�rica Latina y el Caribe, Naciones Unidas, 1948. Annual)
SSL, EGC / 4 HC125 E87
Comprehensive annual report analyzing recent economic trends in individual Latin American countries. The country reports contain detailed economic indicators,including GDP by sector, agricultural and industrial production by commodity, foreign trade, public and private sector finances, and prices. Includes selected data on employment and earnings. Many statistical tables.

The Handbook of National Population Censuses: Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania (Doreen S. Goyer. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983. 711 p.)

SML, Starr Main Reference Rm / HA36 G67 1983 (LC)
Arranged by world regions with emphasis on post-1945 censuses. Information, unless otherwise stated, comes from census publications.

Latin American Political Statistics (Kenneth Ruddle [et al]. Supplement to the statitistical abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles: Latin American Center, University of California, Los Angeles, 1972. 128 p.)
SML; SSL, Ref / F2504 +D53 1984 (LC)
Covers the principal political characteristics of 24 nations from 1940-72, including president's term, presidential and legislative election results, total number of registered voters, and voting population.

Statistical Abstract of Latin America (Los Angeles: Center for Latin American Studies, University of California at Los Angeles, 1955-.)
SML; SSL, Ref / HA935 +C35 (LC)
A voluminous standard source for statistical information on Latin America. Subject index.

Statistical Bulletin of the OAS (Washington, D.C.: Organization of American States, 1979-. Quarterly)
SSL, Periodicals / Shelved by title
Statistical publication that provides up-to-date information on regional economic performance.

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