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Map Department GIS Workshops

The Yale Map Department is offering a number of GIS workshops throughout the term. All workshops will be held in the Bass Library Electronic Classroom L06 (Lower Level) from 1:00-4:00 p.m. For more information, contact Stacey Maples.

Register for the workshops here.
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Introduction to GIS Mapping and ESRI’s ArcGIS Software

An introduction to the basic concepts of creating, managing and analyzing explicitly spatial data within a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) framework. Included is a step-by-step, "hands on" introduction to using spatial data within ESRI's ArcGIS software. Topics will include: Spatial Data Models, Spatial Relationships, The ArcMap User Interface, Thematic Mapping Using Symbology, and Simple Analysis Using Complex Selection Methods.


Wednesday, September 24
Friday, October 17
Wednesday, November
Thursday, December 3

Finding GIS and Census Data & Preparing It for Use

Geographic data can come from a variety of sources, including your own database files and spreadsheets, federal, state and local governmental agencies and commercial vendors. This workshop will focus upon dependable sources of commonly used GIS data, common data file formats, projections & coordinate systems, scale, aggregation, metadata, and issues of sources and citation. Special Attention will be given to downloading and preparing Census data for use in GIS software.


Wednesday, October 1

From Non-Spatial Data to Spatial Data: Geocoding & Georeferencing in ArcGIS

This workshop provides the skills necessary for turning non-spatial data, such as street addresses and scanned maps, into explicitly spatial data for use in GIS analysis. Topics include: The TIGER Data Model, Collecting Useable Address Data, The Geocoding Process, Troubleshooting Problem Addresses, Using Offsets, Scanning and Georeferencing of Paper Maps, and Display of XY Data.


Wednesday, October 8

Raster: The ‘Other’ GIS Data

The Raster Data Model provided an effective means of characterizing spatially continuous phenomena, such as elevation, temperature, precipitation and other environmental and climatic characteristics. This workshop provides a targeted introduction to the tools available in ArcGIS for creating, managing and analyzing data in raster form. Topics include: Introduction to Spatial Analyst, Map Algebra and the Raster Calculator, Surface Analysis, and Combining Vector & Raster Data in Analysis.


Wednesday, October 15

GPS & GIS: Collecting Spatial Coordinates and Using them in ArcGIS

A workshop designed to introduce the participant to the use of consumer-grade GPS equipment for the collection of explicitly spatial data for analysis within a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) framework. Topics include: The Global Positioning Satellite System, Coordinate Systems, Minimizing Measurement Error, and Converting Tabular Data to ESRI Shapefiles.


Wednesday, October 22

Editing in ArcGIS: Creating and Altering Spatial Data

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with hands on experience with editing in ArcGIS (or doing "heads-up" digitizing), to provide an appreciation of the issues involved in editing to maintain topological consistency and to demonstrate the steps which may be involved in creating a new, spatially accurate coverage.


Wednesday, October 29

Creating Map Layouts in ArcGIS

This workshop will introduce the ArcGIS tools available for creating effective map layouts that are capable of clearly conveying the results of GIS analysis to an audience. Topics include: Symbolization, Advanced Labeling, Annotation, Using Graphics in Layouts, Cartographic Elements, and Grids & Graticules.


Wednesday, November 5

Classic Cartographic Techniques in ArcGIS

One of the drawbacks of the computer revolution in mapping is the decline in attention to cartography as a graphic art. Working in the Yale Map Collection exposes one to the most beautiful cartography ever produced. This workshop is intended to provide the participant with an appreciation of the graphic and cartographic techniques used in classic cartography and the tools to reproduce some of these elements in their own cartographic work. Topics will include: Coastal & Lacustrine Vignettes, Depiction of Topography and Use of Color in Thematic Mapping, Decorative Typography and Creating Custom Cartographic Elements. This workshop is being presented as part of the activities celebrating GIS Day 2008.


Wednesday, November 19