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New Netcast: Portraits of Painters

Portraits of Painters: Drawings by George Vertue and Horace Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting in England

Curator Cynthia Roman discusses an exhibition now on view at the Lewis Walpole Library, as well as a selection of images featured in the show. The thirty-four portrait drawings by George Vertue (1684-1756) depicting English painters now in the collection of the Lewis Walpole Library were purchased by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis in 1949. These drawings once formed part of a collection of 470 prints and drawings in two folio volumes from the library of Horace Walpole (1717-1797). In addition to the portraits, Walpole also acquired Vertue’s manuscripts or “Notebooks,” numbering nearly forty volumes, which recorded accounts of the lives of English painters and constituted a major resource for Walpole’s own history of art, Anecdotes of Painting in England. Both Vertue’s “Notebooks” and Walpole’s Anecdotes of Painting remain important resources for the study of the arts in Britain.

The netcast is available free from Yale University on iTunes U and can be found in the Yale Library series. To view the images on your personal or desktop PC, first download the netcast from iTunes and then ensure you activate the "Show or hide item artwork and video viewer" button on the bottom-left side of the iTunes screen while the netcast is playing. You may also click on any image to see a larger version.