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A Soviet Poster Campaign Against Venereal Disease, 1928

The Cushing Rotunda
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
333 Cedar Street
April 23-May 28, 2009

In 1928, Venereal Diseases and the Fight Against Them, a portfolio of forty posters for exhibition and use in public lectures, was distributed throughout the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic by the People’s Commissariat on Health. “The Soviet government is waging a relentless battle against venereal diseases” the first poster of the series announced. “Participation in this battle is everyone’s duty…”

The exhibit, prepared by Alexander Kazberouk, Yale College Class of 2010, and Curator Susan Wheeler, displays a selection of posters from this recent acquisition to the library’s collections and explains how the posters were used for public education. An on-site computer is available to view the entire set of posters with an English translation.