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Lewis Walpole Library Fellowship and Travel Grant Recipients

The Lewis Walpole Library Fellowship and Travel Grant Recipients for 2009-2010 are:

Post-doctoral Fellows

Roger W. Eddy Fellow
Timothy P. Campbell
University of Chicago
Historical Fashion: Commercial Temporality and Modern Historicism in Britain, 1745-1819

Nancy W. Collins
Columbia University
W.S. Lewis and the Anglo-American Relationship: A Study in the Rise of European Studies in Postwar America

Jonathan Gross
DePaul University
Anne Damer's "Belmour"

Charles J. Cole Fellow

R. A. Houston
University of St. Andrews
Relationships between Landlords and Tenants on Estates in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, 1600-1850

Matthew M. Reeve
Queen’s University, Ontario
Walpole’s Two Gothic Narratives: "The Castle of Otranto" and Strawberry Hill

Fiona Ritchie
McGill University
Women’s Responses to Shakespeare in the Eighteenth-Century Theatre: The Cases of Frances and Charlotte Hanbury Williams

Pre-doctoral Fellows

Gail Aw
University of Virginia
Empire and Empiricism: Enlarging Mental Space in the Long Eighteenth Century

George B. Cooper Fellow

Emrys Daniel Jones
Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
Friendship and Politics in Sir Robert Walpole’s England


Amanda Lahikainen
Brown University
Anglicizing the French Revolution: The Politics of Humor in Late Eighteenth-Century English Political Graphic Satire

Colleen M. Terry
University of Delaware
Presence in Print: William Hogarth in British North America

Jonathan Alexander Yarker
Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Copies and Copying: Attitudes towards Reproduction in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Travel Grant

Lisa L. Moore
University of Texas at Austin
Sister Arts: Lesbian Genres and Eighteenth-Century Landscapes

Fellow Deferred from 2007-2008

Mark Phillips
Carleton University, Ottawa
Then and Now: Historical Distance and Visualization, 1740-1850

For more information about the Library's Fellowship and Travel Grant program, see http://www.library.yale.edu/walpole/html/information/fellowships.html.