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New Exhibit: Islamic Art and Architecture

Sterling Memorial Library
120 High Street, New Haven
Until September 2009

This exhibition on Islamic art and architecture celebrates buildings and artwork commissioned by the rulers of the Islamic Empire and found in the Middle East and parts of Europe.

The books on display feature a variety of structures including mosques and minarets; madrasahs (schools); palaces and private homes; hospitals; hospices; castles and citadels; caravansaries; Sufi zawiyahs, khalwahs, tikiyahs and khaniqahs (religious centers); tombs and mausoleums; sabils (public drinking water fountains); public baths; covered bazaars; glass, ivory, silver gold, jewelry, brass and wood works; ceramics, textiles, embroideries and carpets. Taken together, they explore the important and lasting influence of Islam on European art and architecture.