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Ways of Seeing: "New London, Connecticut" and Ways of Seeing: "Portrait of George Eliot and Family" (1798)

Ways of Seeing is a series of podcasts featuring Yale students and faculty from various disciplines interpreting works of art. Each episode asks people to answer basic questions about a particular work of art: what do you see, what do you notice, what’s going on, and what questions do you have about this work? These podcasts are the result of collaboration between Yale librarians and the Yale University Art Gallery’s Education Department. Ian McDermott, Assistant Librarian at the Yale Center for British Art, recorded the interviews.

The recordings are available, for free, via the Library's section of Yale University on iTunes U. To view the images that accompany the podcasts, make sure to click the "show or hide video artwork and video viewer" button in the bottom left corner of the iTunes program. You will need to download the recordings before being allowed to see the images.