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Teaching w/ Technology Tuesday: Analyzing Musical Composition

March 9, 2010
New web-based tool for analyzing musical composition
11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
Bass Library L01 (lower level of the library)

Students in music classes often have to go to the library or search the Virtual Concert Hall (ViCH) database to listen to musical selections assigned by their instructors. This involves a large investment of time just finding the musical pieces and then the student may or may not be able to easily save these pieces for later review. This semester, student’s in Seth Brodsky’s Spring 2010 Composing courses are able to locate, listen, make clips and create annotations on those clips to help them find patterns and relationships between composers, musical works in contemporary classical music. This online application also allows students to create playlists of their annotated clips so they can demonstrate to their peers how the pieces they have selected relate to one another, whether they were written recently or by a composer a hundred years ago. Data researched by the students regarding the composers and musical pieces is also saved and available to everyone in the class for review. A demonstration will given to show how the students were initially presented to the material and how they have used the application to formulate comparisons between composers and their works from the past to present.

Seth Brodsky will elaborate on how he uses this database and annotation tool in his teaching and how it has changed how the course is presented to students.