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Each year hundreds of senior essay writers embark on a research process in preparation for their senior essay. The students work closely with faculty, librarians, writing tutors, and others on campus as they work on their Senior Essays. This forum, structured as a panel discussion, will feature several senior essay writers talking about their research process.

The goal of these forums is to give juniors, faculty, and others on campus who support student research and writing a chance to hear how senior essay writers do the following: 1) formulate their research interest and questions; 2) seek help from the library, museums & special collections, faculty and other support units on campus; 3) find resources to support their argument; and 4) carry out the research process to complete the senior essay. These forums will offer insights for improving services and support for student research. Additionally, they will give seniors an opportunity to enter the scholarly communication cycle through the sharing of their research and engaging in dialog about their projects.

The forum will be held twice this spring:

Tuesday April 20, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Students from History of Art, Political Science, and History

Wednesday April 21, 4:00 - 5:00pm
Students from History, Computer Science, Political Science, and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

The discussions will be in held in the Sterling Memorial Library, Lecture Hall. For more information, contact Barbara Rockenbach.