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The United States and the Two Koreas: 1969-2000 - New Collection of Digital Documents Now Available

The Yale Library has purchased a new collection of digitized declassified documents, The United States and the Two Koreas: 1969-2000.

The National Security Archive's collection on U.S.-Korean relations covers both diplomatic, security, and economic relations between the United States and its ally, South Korea; and the challenges to the U.S. posed by an adversarial North Korea. It spans events dating from the Nixon administration's response to the April 15, 1969 downing, by North Korean MiG-17s, of a U.S. EC-121 reconnaissance plane over the Sea of Japan, to efforts during the Clinton years to deter Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. The collection contains approximately 1,800 records documents released by the State Department, the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other agencies, as well as historical material compiled through research at the National Archives and the presidential libraries.

Read more and access the materials through the Digital National Security Archive (a major source of declassified government documents) at: http://nsarchive.chadwyck.com/collections/content/KO/intro.jsp