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Event: A public talk by Jeremy York, Project Librarian for HathiTrust, University of Michigan

When: Wednesday, November 3rd, 11 a.m. -12 noon
Where: Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall (near the Wall street door)

In the summer of 2010, Yale joined the HathiTrust and is beginning to deposit a first tranche of books. As a digital repository for the nation’s great research libraries, HathiTrust brings together the immense collections of some 35 partner institutions (and growing). It is described as "a bold idea" and "a grand vision."

At this time, HathiTrust has ingested over 7 Million volumes, representing more than 4M book titles, and over 170,000 serials. Of these, some 23% are in the public domain and can be freely accessible to readers worldwide. One of Hathi's key objectives is to build a reliable and increasingly comprehensive digital archive of library materials, an archive co-owned and managed by a number of academic institutions.

Users will access a vast array of material, produce customized searches, and discover new information previously too difficult to access or to study side by side. HathiTrust will increase the value of these resources by ensuring long-term access, creating scholarly tools, and improving the quality of the digitized content over time. For much more information about Hathitrust and how it works, please see: http://www.hathitrust.org/about
For more information about how Yale and partner libraries fit and work with HathiTrust, please come to hear Jeremy's talk and ask questions.

Jeremy York began working as a project librarian for HathiTrust two months before it was officially launched in 2008. His primary duties have included project coordination among the partnership, maintainence of HathiTrust's informational web site, and activities surrounding new partners and partnership contracts. Jeremy received a bachelor's degree in history from Emory University and a Master of Information Science from the University of Michigan, with a specialization in archives and records management. He has more than ten years experience in libraries, working in areas of course reserves, archives and special collections, and information technology.

Jeremy's talk will focus on the activities HathiTrust is currently engaged in and our opportunities for deep and radical collaboration to improve the ways the cultural record is preserved, made available, and used today and in future generations.

For information about Yale's current deposit of books into HathiTrust, contact Audrey Novak (audrey.novak@yale.edu) About Yale's participation in the partnership, contact Ann Okerson (ann.okerson@yale.edu )