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Haiti: The Impact of the Haitian Earthquake on its Libraries

Professor Patrick Weil
Maurice R. Greenberg Visiting Professor of Law, Yale Law School
President, Libraries without Borders

Thursday, December 2, 2010
3:00 p.m.
Sterling Memorial Library
Lecture Hall
120 High Street
New Haven, Connecticut

It’s been nearly a year since a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti, indiscriminately destroying lives and cultural institutions, including its libraries. Libraries Without Borders was already working to assist in the development of Haitian libraries prior to the earthquake and was among the first responders to this crisis. Most of the public libraries buildings and/or collections have been seriously affected by the earthquake. The cultural and educational structures in the capital have largely been destroyed.
Libraries Without Borders with the support of many partners, is leading an international effort to save and rebuild the collections and to develop new libraries.

Learn more about the state of recovery and what still needs to be done from the President of Libraries Without Borders, Patrick Weil, Visiting Professor of Law, at Yale Law School.