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Orbis Has A New Look

On February 7th, 2011, the Yale Library will introduce an upgrade to the Orbis catalog.

New features include:
• Cover images from books
• Links to tables of contents, limited previews and full text, when available, from Google Books
• The ability to filter results by format, date of publication and other criteria
• Easier export to tools such as EndNote and RefWorks
• Icons indicating format and availability
• The ability to include a subject field and notes when emailing records
• Stable URLs for each record in Orbis, for inclusion in ClassesV2 web pages and course syllabi

Classic Orbis will remain available through July at its current address: http://orbis.library.yale.edu.

You can begin using the new Orbis now at: http://neworbis.library.yale.edu/vwebv. We welcome your comments and feedback about this upgrade. Please use the Feedback links in the catalog, or send email directly to neworbis@collaborate.library.yale.edu.