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Annual Medical Library Associates Lecture, April 11th 4pm

The Medical School's Close Call:
A Crisis in the Middle of
the Twentieth Century

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Gaddis Smith, Larned Professor Emeritus of History, will present the 64th Annual Associates Lecture at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Author and Yale historian Gaddis Smith, '54 GRD '61 will present the keynote address for the Annual Lecture sponsored by the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Associates.

After the tercentennial, Smith took on the task of updating Yale's history, exploring the external influences that shaped the University in the last century, and studying its evolution to its current place in the modern world. His research resulted in the publication of the bookYale and the External World: The Shaping of the University in the Twentieth Century. Smith's keynote address details the seriousness of a growing large deficit immediately after World War II.

Smith graduated from Yale College in 1954 and received his doctorate in history from Yale in 1961. He taught at Duke for three years but returned to Yale as an assistant professor in history specializing in American diplomatic history. In addition to his many years teaching, Smith also served as Master of Pierson College, chair of the History Department, and director of the Yale Center for International and Area Studies.

Reception follows in the Beaumont Room