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On View at CSSSI: Women in Science and Engineering at Yale

On display using the new media wall at the Center for Science and Social Science Information in Kline Biology Tower is the exhibit Women in Science and Engineering at Yale: the Evolution. This exhibit features over 70 women scientists currently or historically engaged at Yale. Entries include portraits, research images, and citations to notable publications. To start, a timeline is presented with significant events. This is followed by historical tables illustrating the growth of women scientists at Yale as seen by enrollments, faculty appointments, and Ph.D.s awarded. Many “first” achievements are shown.

Highlights of research contain a variety of images ranging from deep sea bivalves to arctic landscapes, a moon crater, butterfly wing eyespots, nesting fish, nanotubes, gibbons, black holes, a lead-lead collision, a dwarf galaxy, scanning electron micrographs and human facial muscles.

Come and explore the research of yesterday and today! The exhibit will be on display in the 24-hour space (or former Kline Science Library lobby) until mid-September. For questions about the exhibit contact Lori Bronars (lori.bronars@yale.edu 203 432 6213) or Gwyneth Crowley (gwyneth.crowley@yale.edu 203 432 3213). For more information on CSSSI: www.csssi.yale.edu