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Yale’s Shakespeareans: New Exhibit in the Memorabilia Room

Yale’s Shakespeareans celebrates a romance that shows no signs of withering. Yale—its students, faculty, staff – has long been smitten by Shakespeare. His works have inspired great teaching, important research and writing, provocative adaptations, and theatre of every kind. The exhibition in the Memorabilia Room in Sterling Memorial Library points to the extravagant results of Yale’s long-term engagement with the Bard: shelves of books and articles written by Yale Shakespeareans; a distinguished line of theatrical productions that have entertained and provoked; and generations of scholars sent into the world to share their learning and their passion. Books, manuscripts, ephemera, and other items from the Department of Manuscripts and Archives, the general collection, the Lewis Walpole Library, and the private collections of faculty members—all have been gathered to suggest the depth and breadth of Yale’s contribution to Shakespearean study, scholarship, and performance. The exhibit will be on view through May 18th.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. For Library opening hours: http://resources.library.yale.edu/libraryhours/