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Digital Laboratories and Collaboratories in the Humanities (SCOPA Forum)

Digital Laboratories
and Collaboratories
in the Humanities

Monday, April 16, 2:00 pm
Location: SML International Room

In this forum Dean Irvine, Yale University’s Bicentennial Canadian Studies Visiting Professor, will discuss digital laboratories and collaboratories in the humanities. Bruno Latour and Steve Woogar’s landmark 1979 study Laboratory Life records their ethnography of a neuroendocrinology lab in which they document the observations of a fictional character who posits, after a period of initial observation, that the laboratory began to take on the appearance of a "system of literary inscription.” This hypothesis did not sit well with the laboratory’s researchers; in fact, they hotly resented their representation as part of some "literary activity.” The corollary of Latour and Woogar’s hypothesis is obvious enough: if the lab is a literary institution, then the institutional formation of the lab is not the exclusive property of the sciences. Or, more troubling, the sciences are themselves a literary institution. What if we were to reverse their hypothesis and examine the system of literary inscription in the humanities as one of laboratory experiments? This talk will address that same vexed hypothesis by way of sampling from the emergent field of the digital humanities. In particular, it will speak to the digital initiatives of the Editing Modernism in Canada project and its development of research infrastructure in partnership with a network of laboratories and collaboratories in the humanities. And, finally, it will include demos of some of the tools currently under development by these partners.

Dean Irvine is Director of the Editing Modernism in Canada project and Associate Professor in the Department of English at Dalhousie University. He is the author of Editing Modernity: Women and Little-Magazine Cultures in Canada (2008), and editor of The Canadian Modernists Meet (2005), Heresies: The Complete Poems of Anne Wilkinson (2003), and Archive for Our Times: Previously Uncollected and Unpublished Poems of Dorothy Livesay (1998). His latest book, Variant Readings: Editing Canadian Literatures, is forthcoming from McGill-Queen's University Press.

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