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"Writ between the Lines" A SCOPA FORUM

A Discussion with Historian Hugh Howard

Tuesday, May 22, 2:00 pm
Location: SML International Room

Hugh Howard, author of the newly published Mr. and Mrs. Madison's War (2012), approaches archives and primary sources a bit differently than many researchers. As a narrative historian, he is forever on the lookout for the telling detail, the key explanatory fact, for the insight into the people of whom he writes and of their eras. In his talk he will explode a couple of passages from his books in order to demonstrate the importance of his research, and the hours spent at university archives, the Library of Congress, historical societies, and museums, looking at both antique and more recent materials. As he put it, "research is at the essence of the way I tell stories." His books include one on George Washington (The Painter's Chair), two on Thomas Jefferson (including Dr. Kimball and Mr. Jefferson), and Houses of the Founding Fathers.

Yale University Library’s Standing Committee on Professional Awareness, SCOPA, strives to encourage professional growth and the development of librarianship as a dynamic profession. SCOPA organizes a regular series of forums devoted to a wide range of topics concerning initiatives in Yale libraries and academic libraries in general. SCOPA welcomes suggestions concerning possible future forums.