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The iPad in Yale Classrooms - LuxTalk 11/30

The November 30th LuxTalk at the International Room of Sterling Memorial Library will feature lunch at 11.30a and a talk at noon from Lecturer Barbara Stuart: "The iPad in Yale Classrooms: Portable and Pedagogically Sound".

"From course blogs to a class full of iPads provided by the library and ITG - I will use my classes as an example of how we can use technology now and how we might use it in the future. Many years ago, when students still stood in long lines to register for courses – those were also the days of desktops in every office and dorm room – a group of us noticed the one student in a large, sweaty crowd who walked in balancing an open laptop on one arm. On that laptop was a spreadsheet of the courses he might take that fall semester. That’s weird, we all thought. Now, of course, we have online registration. And we have since gone from classrooms with the occasional laptop to seminar rooms and lecture halls full of laptops. Now Yale students even have tools for laptops, iPads, iPhones, and Androids to facilitate shopping and scheduling their courses, even for finding their classrooms. We can be sure that just about every backpack we see holds a laptop – or an iPad, because now in our classrooms, the occasional iPad crops up. Soon we will likely see classrooms full of iPads or similar tablets. Portable – portable devices and portable information – is the wave of the future. We need to ride that wave by using technology to achieve our pedagogical goals."

Barbara Stuart is a Lecturer in the Department of English. Her current research includes nineteenth-century British essays and novels by women, particularly those which focus on women and the law.

Please join us this Friday, November 30th, at the International Room for lunch and a look at one future of humanities instruction at Yale.

Need help finding the International Room? http://clc.yale.edu/the-sml-international-room/

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