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The Traveling Scriptorium - this Friday 16 at 11:30am

Our November 16th LuxTalk in the International Room of Sterling Memorial Library will feature lunch at 11.30am and a talk at 12 noon from Kathryn James on "The Traveling Scriptorium".

In spring 2012, with the support of a Yale University Library SCOPA (Standing Committee on Professional Awareness) grant, staff members from Special Collections Conservation and from the Beinecke Library created the Traveling Scriptorium, a teaching kit of inks, pigments, binding samples, and paleography resources. The participants — Kathryn James, Karen Jutzi, Marie-France Lemay, Christine McCarthy, and Paula Zyats — were responding to a sense of the Yale community’s increasing interest in the book as artifact, and the need to work directly with these materials in order to understand how medieval and early modern books were written, built, and read. The idea for the Scriptorium grew out of a collaborative teaching session, in which each presenter spoke about the same objects from their related but different professional perspectives. The Scriptorium brings these perspectives together in a tangible way. The Scriptorium is available for students, faculty, and library staff to use in Yale classrooms; the creators also envisioned drawing on the kit for instructional sessions for the Yale community.

For more information:http://travelingscriptorium.library.yale.edu/

Kathryn James is the Curator of the Early Modern and Osborn Collections at the Beinecke Library

Need help finding the International Room? http://clc.yale.edu/the-sml-international-room/

The Collaborative Learning Center is a broad coalition of Yale entities in support of teaching and learning.
For more information on the series, please visit http://luxtalks.commons.yale.edu/