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A new class explores links among Yale's exceptional Himalayan collections

Yale Himalaya Initiative Program Director and Associate Research Scientist in the South Asian Studies Council Mark Turin has been granted a Fellowship for Academic Year 2013–2014 to develop a hands-on and collaborative class exploring the links among Yale’s exceptional collections from and about the Himalayan region.

Yale’s holdings (including those in the Library) of Himalayan materials are rich and largely unexplored. Professor Turin will enhance his course with technology to assist students in producing a crowdsourced open catalog, which will be folded back into the existing catalog holdings and made visible through ORBIS. Through the class, and through the use of appropriate technology, students will create catalog entries and virtual collections of Yale’s holdings that are media-rich and populated with links and metadata, adding context to these little-documented Yale collections.

The process will be experimental and challenging for students who rarely have the pleasure of working with primary materials during their undergraduate careers, and will require them to evaluate different sources of information, weigh their values and legitimacies, and bear in mind the enduring residue of their coursework in the archive.

The course is scheduled for Fall 2013 under course numbers SAST 363, EAST 363, ANTH 317, and HSAR 479.

For more information: http://itg.yale.edu/funding/mccredie/past-mccredie-fellowship-awards/