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The Prostate – Fact, Fiction, and Folklore

Thursday November 14, 1:00pm
SML International Room

The doctors will present an overview of benign and malignant disease of the prostate and its implications for urination, sexual function, and quality of life in men. They will discuss screening and review non-medical, as well as medical and surgical options, for treatment of benign diseases. The talk will also dispel some common misunderstandings about the relationship between benign disease of the prostate and prostate cancer. In addition, they will provide an overview of prostate cancer including the risk factors, importance of prostate cancer screening, and recent advances in diagnostic techniques.

Presented by:
Dr. Charles Walker, Assistant Professor, Urology Department, Yale
Dr. Preston Sprenkle, Assistant Professor, Urology Department, Yale
Dr. Peter Schulam, Professor & Chair, Urology Department, Yale

Sponsored by Yale University Library and Yale Health.

Dr. Charles Walker is an advocate for men’s health and is committed to a holistic approach to patient care. He specializes in treating conditions and performing surgical procedures related to men’s health, including: sexual and erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy, implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland) and minimally invasive surgery to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. Dr. Walker is a national proctor for Greenlight Laser Vaporization of the prostate. Dr. Walker is Director of Urologic Oncology and Men’s Health at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System in West Haven, Connecticut.

Dr. Preston Sprenkle specializes in urologic cancers including prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer, and sarcoma. He is dedicated to improving the treatment and diagnosis process for patients with urologic cancers. Dr. Sprenkle has implemented the use of the Artemis Device, an MRI-ultrasound 3-D imaging and navigation technology for targeted biopsy of prostate lesions. The goal is to treat prostate cancer lesions rather than the whole prostate, and consequently minimize the many side effects associated with current prostate cancer treatments.

Peter G. Schulam, MD, PhD, is the inaugural chairman of the Department of Urology at the Yale School of Medicine. He is currently developing new clinical and research programs to better identify and treat prostate cancer. Dr. Schulam is enacting the Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting clinical protocols to better manage patients with suspected prostate cancer. New technologies such as image-guided targeted biopsy and multi-parametric MRI will be used to better identify aggressive cancers and reduce overtreatment of benign lesions.